Changes to Match Rules - note sections 6(c) and 9(d).

EGCA Rules of Play - June 2011


6. Withdrawals

(a) All matches in the league must be played.

(b) A team that fails to fulfill a scheduled fixture will immediately have 5 game points deducted. The game will be rescheduled as per the non-offending team�s requirements, bearing in mind 5(c)

(c) If a team without prior notice fails to turn up on 2 match dates � either as originally scheduled or on a date arranged according to 5(e) - they will be warned that on a third such occasion, they will be immediately withdrawn from the league. If allowed back the following season, they will have to restart in the lowest division.

(d) Where a team is expelled or withdraws from the league, that team's results for the season will be annulled, except where a team has played at least one match against every other team in that division, in which case the result of the first match only against every other team will stand.

(e) Once any game is played in a match, the fixture has been fulfilled.

9. Default of Games

(a) Effect on Counts When a team defaults a board in a match, the opponents must name a player in accordance with 8c on that board to score the game point. The game will not count towards any total required in Rule 8c, but will count towards the number of games a nominated player must play in a season as required in Rule 8(b)(ii).

(b) Clubs should make every effort to ensure that defaults occur on the lowest boards upwards, otherwise penalties will be incurred, subject to the right of appeal.

(c) There is a half hour default time in all matches, after which the game will be awarded to the player present. Until half an hour has elapsed, a captain may use a replacement player who will be subject to the rules and penalties on that board unless agreed with the opposing captain.

(d) When team lists are exchanged and all listed players are present then no subsequent changes may be made to personnel or board order, unless the captains agree and the match has not yet started. A captain whose team members are not all present may ask the opposing captain whether certain specified player(s) play on any board(s) allowed by EG grading restrictions, or on the lowest board(s). The opposing captain shall make this decision and the Ex.D. shall be informed of this. In this event no penalty points for infringement of Rule 8d by thespecified player(s) will be applied.