History: from 1981-82

Notes by the Secretary, Vivian Martin (May 2018).


This is a summary of the club’s history from its origins in 1981. The club website (www.pentyrchchess.co.uk ) has an archive within which can be found records of the match results over almost all of this period.

A list of our players over the years is in Table 1 below. Some of these players had connections with a previous era of chess playing activity. For example, I have a copy of the ‘Welsh Chess Review’ from December 1962 that includes the names ‘Tyrrell’ and ‘Martin’ as well as ‘Livermore’ and ‘Sully’ as participants in a Cardiff Schools Lightning Chess Tournament that year. Also, Martyn Griffiths’s book “Chess in Wales” [Publishing House Moravian Chess; ISBN 978-80-7189-595-4] mentions the names of ‘Sully’ (Welsh Champion in 1966 – p131) and of ‘Ley’ who played for St Illtyd’s Roman Catholic College (Welsh Junior Under 13 winner in 1957; Under 15 winner in 1959 - p164).

Geof Tyrrell played regularly on high boards for Whitchurch High School in the Cardiff and District Schools Chess league in 1960-1962. I played on bottom board for Cathays High School. Turn the clock on nearly 20 years and Geof and I met again as residents of Pentyrch. I hadn’t played for some 15 years. Some months later I and a number of other residents of the village were invited to Geof’s house to play chess - when he put us to the test.

Geof had always been an active chess player. He and a former school contemporary of mine, the brilliant Gareth Jones, organised a simultaneous by Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric on 13 January 1965 at Whitchurch High School, Cardiff. Geof, Gareth Jones, Richard Livermore, Dave Sully and Robert Taylor all played. Geof made major contributions to chess in Wales through his stint over a number of years as non-playing captain of the Welsh team in Olympiads eg in Argentina in 1978 and in various European team events and, much later, his occupancy for a while of the post of President of the Welsh Chess Union.

Club structure

In 1981 Geof established the club as an unconstituted voluntary body which it has remained ever since. So we don’t have formal Annual General Meetings; just informal discussions as necessary. Geof was Club Chairman and captain (until his untimely death in 2010, after which Mike Maguire took on both roles); Rhoda Tyrrell was Secretary and Ken Overshott was Treasurer.

In 1985 Richard Morgan took over as Treasurer and has continued in that role. A year later I took over as Secretary and, apart from 1989-90 when Richard Livermore did a sterling job, I remained in post until May 2018. Ray Angle set up our club website, paid for the domain name, and has been webmaster since 2002.

East Glamorgan Chess Association (EGCA) League

In September 1981 we were launched into the depths of East Glamorgan Chess Association’s League Division 6 (the lowest division). Through our individual subscriptions we all became members of the EGCA and of the Welsh Chess Union (WCU).

As well as Geof and me, the players included Emlyn Davies, next door neighbour to Geof; Peter Akister, a teenager who lived nearby; Geof’s wife, Rhoda; and Ken Overshott from Bronhaul in the village – at the time a Professor of Engineering at Cardiff University.

Our club venue was the St Catwg’s Church Hall on Friday evenings, after choir practice had finished. Geof was a Churchwarden there and had secured us use of those premises. Our equipment had been given to us by the Bridgend club, courtesy of Geof’s close friend, the late Byron Thomas.

No record remains of the results from that first year. However, I recall that one of the teams we played that season was from the Celtic club in Pontypridd. But when we visited their premises with Rhoda Tyrrell as our board 5 player, we were refused admittance because it was a “men only” club. The match was rapidly re-arranged and took place half an hour later at the main Pontypridd chess club venue.

During the 1982-83 season we were joined by Ken Overshott’s son, Ross, as well as teenagers Andrew Thomas, Ian George, Mark Evans, Matthew Lunnon and Rhodri Wynne from Pentyrch and Adrian Billingsley from Tonteg. The club was able to split into two teams but only the results of the Pentyrch ‘A’ team are on record.

We also had quite a large number of juniors from Pentyrch Primary School meeting at the Church Hall between 6.00 and 7.00pm with Ken Overshott at the helm.

Emlyn Davies, Geof, Ken and Viv helped fund the purchase of new boards, sets and clocks.

Richard Morgan has been with the club since 1982. Colin Vyvyan also joined us in 1982 and played for a few years. He was a Social Services Inspector whom I knew from the then Welsh Office and a resident of Dinas Powis. [Sadly, he died, aged 61, in 2009.]

In 1983 Richard Livermore (at that time a resident of Pendoylan), a contemporary of Geof’s and former player for the Cardiff High School chess team, joined us. By then, most of the teenagers had moved on to further education and we had just one team. At a match in Beddau in February 1984, we played in two washrooms either side of the rear entrance to the Workingmen’s Club. Richard and I were in the smaller one, separated from the main stage and hall by a thin wall. On stage, a budding pop music group were repeatedly singing the song “Sea of Heartbreak” for so long that Richard said the words were permanently etched into his memory.

At the end of that 1983-84 season, it was Richard’s suggestion that we move to the Kings Arms. With just a small wall-mounted fan heater, the room at the church could get very chilly in the depths of winter. The then landlord at the Kings Arms, Peter Webster, agreed to host the club at the pub where we have remained since. Subsequent landlords (list at Table 2) generously allowed us rent-free accommodation there on Monday evenings.

The junior session continued in Geof’s home for another year before being disbanded.

Peter Morgan became a regular team member in 1984, eventually stepping down in 2007. His favourite opening as white was the Grob. As the Keeper of Zoology at the National Museum of Wales, two of his claims to fame while at work centred on the discovery of the carcass of (i) a young hump-backed whale on a local beach, its dismemberment and removal of the skeleton to the museum as the centrepiece of an exhibition on the song of the hump-backed whale; and (ii) an adult leather backed turtle in North Wales, similarly treated. Both are still on view in the natural history department of the museum. Peter is also a licensed bird ringer.

Bridgend Chess Club – Cavalli Cup Tournaments

On several occasions, some members of Pentyrch Chess Club participated in this invitation only tournament at Bridgend, comprising 5 rounds played over a weekend (2 on a Saturday afternoon/evening and 3 on a Sunday). It was named after Dom Cavalli, one of the Bridgend Club players of Italian descent, who donated the trophies.

At different times, Geof Tyrrell, Ken and Ross Overshott, myself and Cyril Ley played. While I twice won or shared the Under 1700 grading prize, on other occasions my poor results there meant my grading shot downwards.

British Chess Federation (BCF) National Club Championship Major Tournament

In the autumn of 1984 we played a Downend & Fishponds (D&F) team from Bristol in the major section of the national club championship organised by the (then) British Chess Federation and sponsored by Legal & General. Their team was captained by Ian Pickup. The match was played at the Kings Arms on a Saturday afternoon (locked in during the “stop tap” period).

D&F won. But they’ve come back in the spring of every year since to play a ‘friendly’ match. For many years their captain was the redoubtable but ever cheerful Mike Wood, who sadly died in 2016. Some years earlier he had relinquished his role at D&F and passed to Nigel Wilcox the captaincy of the D&F team for what is now the “Mike Wood Bridge Trophy”.

On one occasion the landlord at the Kings Arms (Colin Chapman) had agreed to the Bridge Trophy match taking place in the lounge from 2.00pm on a Saturday. Unknown to him, his wife, Julia, had separately agreed that a Morris Dance troupe could perform on the patio outside the lounge’s French doors at the same time. The afternoon has gone down in the chess club’s history as a wonderful entertainment – particularly the yelps of hurt as some dancers had fingers or thumbs accidentally battered by misjudged strokes of the staves being wielded! No injuries were recorded among the chess players, apart from a few bruised egos for those who lost their games.

From October 1997, Pentyrch have also played D&F at their Downend (W G Grace) Cricket Club venue. We were grateful to a number of players from other clubs who have played for Pentyrch as ‘guests’ in these D&F matches. A list of these players is at Table 3 below. We played a 25th anniversary match at the D&F venue on 25 October 2009.

We entered the same BCF major tournament again in 1985 and had a first round home draw against University College Swansea. They won 0.5-4.5. [Their board 2 player was Dave R Lewis, who joined Pentyrch in 2009.] There was a win for Pentyrch in the first round of the Plate against Penarth but the second round result was a loss to a team from Reading in March 1986. Further unsuccessful ventures in this competition included matches against Gloucester (at Cheltenham on 16/11/03) and in the Plate versus Thornbury on 15/02/04; Brown Jack at Swindon (5/11/04); in the Plate against Gloucester (at Cheltenham on 23/01/05); and away v Cosham, Portsmouth, on 27/11/05.

The BCF is now the English Chess Federation.

More recruits for Pentyrch

Steve Lindsay started playing for us in 1985.

So, too, did other players whom Geof recruited to contribute to his ambition of making the club’s mark in the local chess world. These were: his friend Byron Thomas from Bridgend; Dafydd Johnston (a former member of the Welsh chess team); John Kennedy (a former Irish international youth chess player, who by chance came to work in the same Wales Gas Board office as Geof); and Vladimir Kalinin from Moscow (who had married a Welsh woman and, fortuitously, came to live in the Danescourt area of Cardiff).

Welsh Chess Union Knock-Out Cup

In the Welsh Chess Union KO Cup 1985-86, Pentyrch played a strong Abergavenny team in round 1 of the Open competition. Pentyrch fielded a losing team of 4 that included Vladimir Kalinin (2320), Dafydd Johnston (2180) and John Kennedy (2080). Normally, entrants were seeded depending on prior declaration of their playing strength but that requirement was overlooked. Our team’s entry was submitted without declaring its enhanced playing strength.

Other forays into WCU knockout competitions saw variable results in the Open, U1800 and U1500. We entered two teams in the U1800 KO Cup in 1998-99 and Pentyrch ‘A’ won, while the ‘B’ team went out in the first round. In 1991-92 Pentyrch won the U1800 Plate final and in 1995-96 the U1500 Plate final. Later on, a Pentyrch team was entered only in the U1500 KO competition and made their last appearance in 2004-05.

Under the auspices of the East Glamorgan League, a new KO competition was launched in 2014 and in 2015-16 Pentyrch made the final, losing 2.5-1.5 to Cardiff. Pentyrch were knocked out in the first round of the 2014-15 and 2016-17 competitions. One team was entered for 2017-18 but lost their first match.

Progress in the East Glamorgan League

At the end of the 1983-84 season Pentyrch were promoted from Division 6, going on to win the Division 5 title in 1984-85 and promotion to Division 4. At the end of 1985-86, Pentyrch won the Division 4 title.

EGCA League restructuring

The East Glamorgan chess league was restructured (from 6 Divisions of 6 teams to 4 Divisions of 10 teams, with a 3 up, 3 down promotion/relegation pattern) and Pentyrch were moved into Division 2.

Cyril Ley from Tonteg (a police inspector until retirement and a former Pontypridd club player) started playing for us in 1986 and Steve Sienczyk (from Beddau) joined in 1987. In 1988 Mike McLoughlin (from Fairwater in Cardiff and a work colleague of mine) joined.

In 1989 Ray Angle (a neighbour and, at the time, a maths teacher at Pontypridd High) joined. Not long after doing so he discovered that his father-in-law was Arthur S Griffiths, the first Welsh Chess Champion, who then proceeded to show Ray many pawn and pawn & rook ending techniques. The only snag with this was that Ray’s pieces did not stay long enough on the board to make use of those techniques!

In 1990 we gained Mike Maguire (from Efail Isaf – a Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University; later at University of South Wales).

Having been in Division 2 for a few seasons, Pentyrch were promoted to Division 1 but at the end of the 1989-90 season we were relegated. We returned to Division 1 for the 1994-95 season but we were again relegated.

Andy Jones joined the club in 1996 while in 1997 we were joined by Chris Miller (an American lad living with his mum and step-dad in Creigiau until he left Radyr school to join the USAF).

Back in Division 1 for the 1996-97 season, Pentyrch were once again relegated.

The club entered two teams in the League in 1997-98. Pentyrch ‘B’ (captained by Richard Morgan) won the Division 4 title in 1997-98. Pentyrch ‘A’ were (just) promoted in 3rd spot and spent the 1998-99 season in Division 1. Anthony Hocking and Mike Gorman started playing for us in 1998.

Was it worth the “exchange”? In March 1999, both teams were due to play away matches on the same night – Pentyrch ‘A’ v Cardiff Castles in Divn 1 and Pentyrch ‘B’ v Barry Stauntons in Divn 3. As the Divn 1 side was already certain to be relegated but the Divn 3 side was not quite so badly placed, a decision was taken to deploy available stronger players in Pentyrch ‘B’, with the majority of the usual Divn 3 team playing against the top side in Divn 1.

The results of both matches are at Table 4. In Divn 1, a 4.5 – 0.5 loss for Pentyrch ‘A’. The top board player for Cardiff Castles was unable to find time to play on an unfinished game, as requested by Pentyrch - which could happen under the prevailing East Glamorgan Rules - so it was eventually recorded as a draw.

A 0.5 – 4.5 win for Pentyrch ‘B’ was the result in the Divn 3 match, though it did not prove sufficient as at the end of the 1998-99 season both teams were relegated once more.

Tony Bray joined the club in 1999. The 1999-2000 season saw Pentyrch ‘B’ promoted in second place from Division 4. They just remained (at 7th) in Division 3 the following season while Pentyrch ‘A’ were 6th in Division 2.

The 2001-02 season was a dismal one. Both teams were relegated, from Divisions 2 and 3 respectively.

Will Harwood (from Rudry, though originally from Birmingham) started playing for us in 2002. At the end of the 2002-03 season, both teams were promoted – back to Divisions 2 and 3.

Dave Sully (a retired solicitor, resident of Groesfaen, Welsh Chess Champion in 1966 and one-time member of Caerphilly Chess Club) played for us from 2003 to 2007 and Mike Gale (of Llantrisant and a former member of the Cardiff Chess Club) from 2004 to 2008.

At the end of the 2003-04 season, Pentyrch ‘A’ were promoted to Division 1 while Pentyrch ‘B’ were relegated to Division 4. Fortunes were reversed at the end of 2004-05, with Pentyrch ‘A’ relegated and Pentyrch ’B’ promoted.

In 2005-06, Pentyrch ‘A’ were second in Division 2 and were promoted to Division 1, while Pentyrch ‘B’ came 4th in Division 3.

Celebrating the club’s 25th Anniversary

We marked the 25th anniversary of the club with an afternoon event at the Kings Arms on 2 September 2006 comprising a talk by Howard Williams (Welsh Chess Champion 18 times and an illustrious top board in the Welsh chess team on numerous occasions) and a simultaneous (in which he won all but one – a draw v Will Harwood). Photographs of the event, taken by my son Richard Martin, are on the club’s website.

That was followed by an evening dinner at the pub.

EGCA League continued

Pentyrch ‘A’ were relegated from Division 1 at the end of the 2006-07 season, while the ‘B’ side were 5th in Division 3. The result of the next season was that Pentyrch ’A’ were 7th in Division 2 while the ‘B’ team were 9th in Division 3 and were relegated. In 2008-09 Pentyrch ‘A’ came 5th in Division 2 but the ‘B’ team were successful in getting promoted from 3rd place in Division 4.

Dave Rhys Lewis and Nadi Grewal joined the club in September 2009. Nevertheless, the 2009-10 season was disappointing. Both teams were relegated.

The spirits lifted in 2010-11. John McGregor joined in September 2010 and the combined impact that Dave Lewis and he had on boards 1 & 2 for Pentyrch ‘A’ helped secure promotion for that team in 2nd place back to Division 2, while Pentyrch ‘B’ were 4th in Division 4. A further promotion for Pentyrch ‘A’ followed when they were 2nd in Division 2 in 2011-12 and Pentyrch ‘B’ also levered themselves into 2nd place in Division 4 and were thus promoted.

Pentyrch ‘A’ were relegated to Division 2 at the end of the 2012-13 season and remained there in mid table position, while Pentyrch ‘B’ achieved stability in Division 3 (though both teams had to struggle in 2014-15 to scramble out of their respective early relegation zone places).

The 2015-16 season proved to be very successful. Both teams were promoted. Pentyrch ‘A’ from 2nd place in Division 2 back once more into Division 1 while Pentyrch ‘B’ in the last match of the year clinched the Division 3 title, having already secured promotion to Division 2 for the first time. We also won our match against the Downend & Fishponds team in April 2016 – and again in November, thanks to Robert Taylor’s decisive result on top board.

In 2016-17, the challenges of Divns 1 & 2 proved too great and both teams were relegated. We also lost the matches in April and October 2017 against Downend & Fishponds.

From September 2017 we were joined by Robert Taylor & re-joined by Richard Livermore (both play for Malpas in the Gwent League) and for the first time we entered a third team - in Division 4 of the East Glamorgan League.

Having received the 2017-18 season’s fixtures and decided on team captains and composition, tragedy struck when our top player from the previous season, Dave Rhys Lewis, didn’t arrive for the first match on 4 September at the Kings Arms. We discovered next day that he had died from a heart attack aged only 51. He had been a key member of the club in recent times whose competitive and gregarious nature made him an inspiration to all. Dave’s death was a terrible blow to his family and all who knew him.

In January 2018 we were joined by the 11 year old Reuben Ford who was instantly pitched in at the deep end to play in a Divn 3 match for Pentyrch ’B’ against the ‘Panthers’ team from North Cardiff and again the following week for Pentyrch ‘C’ against the ‘Zebras’ team, also from North Cardiff, in Divn 4. Then he, Rémy Segrott (aged 13) and Reuben Bartholomew (aged 9) also played for Pentyrch ‘C’ v the ‘Zebras’ in April.

Our 3 teams competed well in their respective Divisions despite the huge gap left by the death of Dave Lewis in September and the unavailability for health reasons this season of Cyril Ley. The extra effort made by Robert Taylor and Richard Livermore to play as many games as possible for both Pentyrch ‘A’ and ‘B’ was of considerable assistance. Fielding two teams on the same night from a pool of 13 players didn’t always prove easy and a few heavy losses resulted. But, in the final analysis, both our first and second teams were promoted, with Pentyrch ‘B’ winning Division 3.

Grant aid for chess equipment

The club were grateful recipients on several occasions of grant aid from the Pentyrch Open Gardens (POG) organisation to assist in the purchase of new equipment (£200 for 7 analogue clocks in 2002; then £125 in 20013 towards the cost of buying 5 new digital clocks and 6 vinyl boards).

In 2009 POG also gave us a grant of £40 to purchase 5 chess sets and boards for Pentyrch Primary School, with the WCU contributing £80 from Welsh Assembly funds for similar gifts of sets and boards to be made to Creigiau and Gwaelod-y-Garth Primary Schools.

Publicity and recruitment

Many short articles about the club have appeared in the Pentyrch Community Council’s “Communiy Link” magazine which is delivered to all homes in Creigiau, Gwaelod-y-Garth and Pentyrch. It has been rare for any enquiries to result from this. In more recent times, an advert about the club has often been placed in Community Council and local shop notice boards, again with only rare expressions of interest resulting.

Since the club’s website was established, more enquiries have been received, though over the years the majority related to accessibility to the club for children and most were not taken forward as the pub venue wasn’t deemed suitable. That changed from January 2018 when several more juniors came along and the club started hosting them from 6.30pm on a Monday, with Matthew Lunnon taking the lead.


Name Area of Residence A/J Start date End date ELO Rating
Geof Tyrrell Pentyrch A Sept 1981 April 2010 (died) 1600 - 1733
Mrs Rhoda Tyrrell Pentyrch A Sept 1981 Apr 1986 U/G
Emlyn Davies* Pentyrch A Sept 1981 Apr 1983 1145
Peter Akister Pentyrch J Sept 1981 Apr 1983 U/G
Ken Overshott Pentyrch A Sept 1981 Apr 1985 1335
Vivian Martin Pentyrch A Sept 1981 1500 – 1725
Richard Morgan Pentyrch A Sept 1982 1250 – 1460
Mark Evans Pentyrch J Sept 1982 Apr 1983 1190
Ian George Pentyrch J Sept 1982 Apr 1983 1270
Ross Overshott Pentyrch J Sept 1982 Apr 1985 1155
Andrew Thomas Pentyrch J Sept 1982 Apr 1983 1165
Adrian Billingsley Tonteg J Sept 1982 Mar 1985 1285
Rhodri Wynne Pentyrch J Sept 1982 Nov 1985 1095 – 1125
Colin Vyvyan Dinas Powis A Nov 1982 Apr 1985 1255
Matthew Lunnon Pentyrch J A Mar 1983 Sept 2007 Apr 1984 U/G 1270 - 1635
Richard Livermore Pendoylan/Llantwit Fadre/Usk/Langstone A Sept 1983 Sept 2017 Apr 2009 1580 – 1730
Peter Morgan Pentyrch A Sept 1984 Apr 2007 1305 – 1419
Byron Thomas Bridgend A Sept 1985 Apr 1986 1845 - 1905
Vladimir Kalinin** Danescourt, Cardiff (origin: Moscow) A Sept 1985 Apr 1986 2200 - 2320
Dafydd Johnston* Cardiff A Sept 1985 Apr 1986 2180 - 2268
John Kennedy*** Cardiff (origin: Ireland) A Sept 1985 Apr 1990 2020 - 2080
Steve Lindsay Church Village A Sept 1985 Sept 1996 Apr 1995 1575 - 1883
Cyril Ley Tonteg A Sept 1986 1635 - 1975
Steve Sienczyk Beddau A Sept 1987 Apr 2000 1690 - 1820
David Tyrrell Pentyrch J Sept 1987 Jul 1993 1325 (est)
Mike McLoughlin Cardiff A Sept 1988 1151 – 1735
Dick Dombrovskis Taffs Well A Sept 1988 Apr 1989 U/G
Ray Angle Pentyrch A Sept 1989 1162 – 1476
Mike Maguire Efail Isaf A Jan 1990 1580 – 1905
John Stephens Tonteg A Sept 1993 Apr 1994 U/G
Andy Jones Upper Boat A Oct 1996 Apr 2005 1431 - 1520
Chris Miller Creigiau (origin USA) J Sept 1997 Apr 1998 U/G
Anthony Hocking Pentyrch A Jan 1998 Oct 2001 1071 - 1125
Mike Gorman Llanishen, Cardiff A Dec 1998 Apr 1999 803 – 823(??)
Tony Bray Llantwit Fadre A Dec 1999 Apr 2009 1385 - 1477
Will Harwood Rudry (origin: Birmingham, England) A Sept 2002 1701 - 1893
Dave Sully Groesfaen A Sept 2003 Apr 2007 2108 - 2158
Mike Gale Llantrisant A Sept 2004 Apr 2008 1829 – 1832
Dave R Lewis Efail Isaf A Sept 2009 Sept 2017 (died) 1857 - 1975
Nadi Grewal Pentyrch A Sept 2009 1241 - 1402
John McGregor Radyr A Sept 2010 1817 - 1927
Ross Kynch Efail Isaf A Sept 2010 Apr 2011 U/G
Ian Gerbex Gwaelod-y-Garth A Nov 2011 Apr 2013 1200 (est)
Ms Gwawr Evans* Pentyrch A Jan 2016 850 - 863
Robert Taylor Newport A Sept 2017 1832 - 1972
Reuben Ford Llantrisant J Jan 2018 850 - 834
Rémy Segrott Tongwynlais J Feb 2018 850 - 866
Reuben Bartholomew J Feb 2018 850 - 834

A = Adult; J = Junior

*Welsh speakers.

**Having played for the Welsh Chess Team, returned some years later to Moscow to run a business and thought to have been killed by the mafia.

***Left to teach English in Turkey and thought to have died in an earthquake there.

(??) grading not challenged but not a fair reflection of Mike’s playing strength.


Peter and Freda Webster 15 years until April 1988
Frank Lee April 1988 - April 1990
Colin and Julia Chapman April 1990 - April 1995
[Holding Manager] April 1995 - January 1997
Peter & Lynette (???) January 1997 - September 2003
Debbie King September 2003 - September 2009
Padraig Jones September 2009 - September 2011
Jeff & Jess [Holding Managers] September 2011 - February 2012
Nick Otley February 2012 - February 2014
Andy Astley February 2014 - September 2016
[Holding Managers] September 2016 - March 2017
Owen & Helena Robbins March 2017 – July 2018


Name Club Date(s) & locations
Colin Hillard Llanedeyrn 1987
Ron McMurray Llanedeyrn 1987
Hugh Price Cardiff 1990; 1992; 1995; 2001; 2006; 2008(2); 2009(2); 2010(2); 2011(2); 2012(2); 2013; 2014; 2015(2).
Peter Alldridge Cardiff 1993
F Foldvari None 1996
Steve Curtis Cardiff 1992; 2006
Don Smith Caerphilly 1998(P)
Dave Parsons Penarth 1998(D&F)
Derek Jones Pontypridd 2000; 2001; 2004
Keith Forward Nelson 2005(P)
Chris Howells Porthcawl 2006(P)
Dave Robinson Bridgend 2007(P)
Frank Norman Ex Cardiff 2008(P); 2009; 2010; 2012
Lee Davis Barry 2008(D&F); 2009(D&F)
Alan St Clair Barry 2008(D&F)
Gary Wakeham Cardiff 2010(P)
Mike Handley None; North Cardiff 2010(D&F); 2011
Robert Taylor Malpas, Newport 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016(2); 2017
Richard Livermore Malpas, Newport 2013; 2014; 2015(2); 2016; 2017


19 April 1993 Opposing Player TG Pentyrch Player SL
1 e4 e5
2 Bc4 Nf6
3 d4 Nc6
4 Nf3 exd4
5 0-0 d6
6 Nxd4 Ne5
7 Bb3 Be7
8 Nc3 0-0
9 Bg5 Re8
10 Qe2 a6
11 a4 Bg4
12 f3 Bh5
13 Nf5 h6
14 Bh4 Ng6
15 Nxe7+ Rxe7
16 Bxf6 gxf6
17 g4 Nf4
18 Qd2 Nh3+
19 Kg2 Ng5
20 gxh5 Qd7
21 Nd5 Qh3+
22 Kh1 Re5
23 Qg2 Kh8
24 Qxh3 Nxh3
25 Kg2 Rg8+
26 Kh1 Reg5
27 0 1


Division 1 Round 14 17 March 1999
Grade Team Score Team Grade
Cardiff Castles Pentyrch ‘A’
1 2380 James Cobb 0.5 0.5 Viv Martin 1705
2 2150 John Trevelyan 1 0 Mike McLoughlin 1725
3 2180 David Oates 1 0 Ray Angle 1445
4 2005 Gary Dawson 1 0 Richard Morgan 1480
5 1920 Charles Summers 1 0 Peter Morgan 1365
Total 4.5 0.5

Division 3 Round 15 17 March 1999
Grade Team Score Team Grade
Barry Stauntons Pentyrch ‘B’
1 1365 Dave Mahoney 0 1 Steve Lindsay 1845
2 1410 Sam White 0 1 Geof Tyrrell 1655
3 1465 Bill Lambert 0 1 Richard Livermore 1650
4 1370 Windsor Lewis 0.5 0.5 Andy Jones 1520
5 1365 Dave Adamson 0 1 Mike Gorman U/G
Total 0.5 4.5